Listed below are the bylaws for the
2021 High School Showcase in Kansas City. 



Please read over the following rules/expectations carefully and familiarize with the rules.


-All rules and regulations will follow the National Federation of State High School Association


-To help ensure all the safety of the participants, all safety rules will continue to be followed in accordance with the Kansas City Health Department recommendations.


Twitter account: Follow @kchssoccershow for standings and updates




Rules of the Game: Every game that is played for the showcase will follow these rules


a. All soccer equipment must adhere to laws. A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to himself, herself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).

 b. Shin guards are mandatory.

c. Game Referee shall inspect all casts, braces and their protective coverings, and determine whether a player's participation presents an unreasonable risk to the player and/or the player's opponents. Such determination is specific to the game for which the inspection is being conducted, and is independent of inspection and participation in other games at the tournament.

d. Players’ numbers must coincide with numbers listed on the roster.

e. All teams must have two sets of jerseys in contrasting colors. All players must wear matching color team shorts and team socks; one set of each will be acceptable for the team.   Does not have to be the same brand but will need to be the same color.

f. In the event that team colors are similar, the home team will change colors. The “home” team is the team listed first on the schedule, unless it is clearly designated otherwise.




a. Unlimited substitutions are allowed, with the referee’s permission, at every stoppage in play (for example, throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, after goals, upon stoppages for fouls, etc.). Free substitution is allowed for all age groups unless teams are advised in advance otherwise. b. Players must be clearly standing and waiting AT THE MID-FIELD LINE to be substituted (and not merely waiting “in the vicinity of mid-field”), and the referee’s assistant should be alerted, to the extent possible, of the request to substitute at the next stoppage of play.

 c. Players standing at midfield should be substituted into the game at the next stoppage of play, unless they remove themselves from the mid-field position prior to the stoppage of play.


Game Duration:


a. Two forty (40) minute halves with a 10 minute halftime

b. The clock will continue to run throughout the half

c. 10 minutes will be designated for halftime

d. 10-15 minutes transition time between games



a. A five (5) minute grace period will be allowed from scheduled kickoff time. Teams must be present and ready to play at the scheduled time or potentially forfeit the game. Nonetheless, Tournament officials are mindful that unforeseen circumstances may occur, and will have the option to shorten, reschedule or otherwise create such circumstances as will allow a game to be played on the field rather than be won by forfeit.

 b. A minimum of nine (9) players constitutes a team.

 c. A forfeit will be recorded as a 4 to 0 result. Teams must recognize that the cancellation of a competitive game may create a lost opportunity for an expected and is disrespectful to teams that travel significant distances to attend the Tournament. The Tournament Committee will consider numerous possibilities to permit game action, including the possible availability of guest players, mutual agreements to play 10v10, 9v9 or 8v8, or declaring a forfeit but then scrimmaging with guest players supplied by the opponent or otherwise.


Inclement Weather

a. All teams and coaches must show up at the scheduled field and time regardless of weather conditions, unless otherwise notified by a League Official.

 b. In the event of stoppage of play due to severe weather conditions, teams should retreat to a safe location; teams should ensure in advance that there is a means to communicate with team members in the event of stoppage.


 a. Coaches, players and spectators are required to conduct themselves within the Laws of the Game.  The High School Showcase values the “extension of the classroom” for all players, coaches and spectators to follow.

 b. All disciplinary measures imposed by the Tournament Committee shall be limited to participation in the Showcase.

 c.Cautions and ejections beyond the normal course of play (such as violent behavior, referee assault, outrageous conduct, racial, ethnic or sexual abuse) may be referred to, and in some cases are required to be referred to the appropriate league or governing body, which may pursue their own sanctions. This includes referral to the host league sponsoring the event. d. A player or coach receiving a red card in a game will normally be suspended for one game. A player or coach accumulating 2 yellow cards in one game will normally be suspended for one game. Violent behavior may subject a player or coach to multiple game suspensions or ejection from the tournament. A player or coach receiving a single yellow card in multiple games will not be subject to a yellow card accumulation penalty. Suspended players and coaches will not be with the team during the next match(s). They can be on the opposite side of the field and watch the game as spectators, unless notified otherwise.

d. SLIDE TACKLING WILL NOT BE PERMITTED and will result in a direct foul for the opposing team. The purpose of this rule is to protect players as many will begin to prepare for tryouts and pre-season in the next month.  Cards can be given if the referee deems necessary.

e. Officials will be emphasizing calling any hand checking or fouls involving pulling of players jerseys for unnecessary physical contact.




 Where brackets are created for 3 friendly matches, with the winner based off point system. Brackets will be created to suffice different levels of competition and to help ensure each team is placed against appropriate opponents. Winning team is designated by standings based on won-lost record.

2. Wins count for three (3) points, Ties count for one (1) point and zero (0) point for a Loss.  3. In the event of a tie, head to head outcome is the first consideration for standings.  4. In the further event of a tie, “Goal Differential” determines outcome, with up to plus-4 or minus-4 units awarded per game. 5.  Recorded shutouts are worth one point. 


College Expo Showcase Game:

a. Will take place Friday night.  Chris Brizendine will be emailing each coach to nominate two worthy players to represent their team. Not all players nominated will be selected.  

b. 4 games will be played at 7 pm on Friday night, Class 1-3 Boys, Class 1-3 Girls, Class 4-6 Boys, and Class 4-6 Girls.

c. This will take place instead of a Championship game for each bracket.



General Information

a. Only MSHSAA, KSHSAA, and some collegiate referees will be supervising games.  This helps ensure that the highest quality of officials are being used.

b. Coaches, players and their fans are expected to conduct themselves within the Spirit of the game. In this regard the Tournament Committee reserves the right to take disciplinary action as necessary.

c.The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on any/all matters and its interpretation of these rules shall be final. No protests will be entertained upon final decision.

d. Referee decisions may not be protested or disputed.

e.. The Tournament Committee may photograph and / or video participants and spectators at the event or on the playing fields. Such images may be posted on websites and in social media, and used in connection with providing information about, and coverage of the event. No individuals will be identified by name in connection with such images, without their consent.

f. Teams, players, coaches and team officials acknowledge, by their participation in the event, that they have reviewed these rules and regulations as instructed in several communications and postings prior to the event, and that they will abide by said rules and regulations.


  • • Team standings based on won-lost record.

  • • Wins count for three points, ties for one point.

  • • In the event of a 2-way tie only, head-to-head is determinative, if applicable.

  • • In the further event of a tie, “Goal Differential” is determinative, with up to plus-4 or minus-4 units awarded per game.

  • • In the further event of a tie, “Goals For” (max 4/per game) followed by “Goals Against” will be used to determine the winner.

  • • Finally, there will be no overtime or penalty kicks in an effort to keep the schedule moving along so players and spectators are not compromising the number of people inside the complex at once due to CV-19 and local and state orders.

  • Each team will need to provide two ball runners who will wear gloves.  Gloves will be provided by High School Soccer Showcase staff.  Official game balls will be provided by staff for every game.

  • Teams will need to provide water and supplies.  Universal watering stations will not be provided.




  •  • If weather concerns exist just prior to the event, the KC HS Soccer Showcase website will provide updates the evening before the first day, and updates as warranted. • TWITTER will also be used to send updates. Follow @kchssoccershow

  •  • Teams should have a predetermined communications procedure as their Team Contact is informed of determinations about weather delays.

  •  • During play, games may be interrupted by the referee or field marshal for lightning or severe downpour. 30 minute minimum time between players leaving the field must occur.  Players and fans must leave the field.  The complex does have a state of the art lightning detector and all participants will be notified to leave the field should lightning be within the range of danger.




  • Obey all traffic directives and speed limits. Park in designated spaces only. No parking on grass.

  • All Spectators and players sitting out during the game must wear a face covering or mask when outside. Players are not required to wear a face covering when playing but may do so if they choose

  • Coaches must wear a face covering or mask when talking to player(s).

  • No smoking on or near playing fields.

  • No alcoholic beverages on premises.

  • Use only designated sanitary facilities.

  • No pets on grounds.

  • Use trash receptacles & clean up after your team.

  • Players will be responsible for clearing up sidelines prior to leaving the field.

  • Recycling cans will be available for all plastic containers

  • Hand sanitizer will be available for each team.

  • Concessions will be available. Cash or credit is accepted. Please monitor the 6-foot social distancing guidelines.

  • Bathrooms are centrally located and presently have social distancing signs allowing (four) people in the restroom at any one time.

  • Players and coaches should stay together once they enter the playing field but should follow all social distancing guidelines.  Players and coaches may go to the restroom once they have entered the field but this should be the only exception for leaving. 

  • All players, their coaches and spectators must leave the facility (complex) immediately after their game (within 30-45 min) so the other teams may enter the field and to ensure the event is compliant with local and state social distancing guidelines and capacity orders. 

  • Teams warming up may use the grass fields ONLY but are not to warm up inside the penalty box (at the request of the SKC complex staff). Teams ARE NOT to enter inside the playing field fences UNTIL the teams (all players/coaches) who played before them have exited the field. This is for the safety and well-being of all participants.




  •  • Unlimited substitution with the referee’s permission, at every stoppage in play (e.g., throw-ins by either team, free kicks, corners, etc.). Free substitution are allowed for all age groups, unless notice is provided in advance.

  •  • Players must be clearly standing and waiting AT THE MID-FIELD LINE to be substituted (and not merely waiting “in the vicinity of mid-field”).

  •  • The referee’s assistant should be alerted, to the extent possible, of the request to substitute at the next stoppage of play.

  • • Players standing at midfield should be substituted into the game at the next stoppage of play, unless they step away from the mid-field position prior to stoppage of play.




  • Fans are welcomed and allowed, but need to comply with social distancing guidelines and refrain from entering the field area which will be marked off.

  • Teams should limit staff to 2 coaches on sideline

  • Fans will need to bring their own chairs or blankets AND depending upon the local and state order at the time may be required to observe the game from behind the fences or if allowed inside the fence must adhere to the six foot social distancing guidelines.

  • There will be two canopies (provided by DICK’S Sporting Goods) per sideline for subs to spread out and sit to limit the direct sunlight and heat exposure during each game. All subs will be expected to sit 6 feet apart under the canopies.

  • All players and spectators will need to leave the field immediately upon conclusion of their game. 

  • Players/Spectators from the same team or opposing teams are not allowed to fraternize or gather before, during or after the game in a way that compromises the health and wellness of the participants. *Please help in adhering to and in the overall management of social distancing for your team and spectators supporting your team.

  • Teams will have designated fields to warmup that will not be in use.  Players cannot leave or step onto the game field until ALL players and spectators from the last game have left the field.  A ten to fifteen minute transitional time will be enforced.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at multiple stations as well under each team(s) canopies.

  • Please use the hand sanitizer frequently when coming on and off the field.

  • Professional trainers & EMT’s will be available, but teams/players must provide their own tape and wrap or they may charged a fee.  Trainers/EMT’s will have the final say on whether or not a player can return regarding a concussion, heat related matter, or other decisions that could impact the safety of the player.

  • Dual roster players can stay at the complex for their next game provided it immediately follows the game which they just played.

  • Players are not allowed to switch jerseys or share jerseys at the complex or field

  • Players are not allowed to share water bottles.

  • Players may wear face coverings/masks when playing but is not required.