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4th  Annual KC High School
11 v 11 Soccer Showcase   
Thursday, July 13th - Saturday, July 15th 
at Compass Minerals Sporting Fields  

This (11 v 11) event will provide a high-quality training experience for high school teams. There will be 3 competitive, yet friendly games allowing teams to learn more about themselves as they prepare for the upcoming season.  The showcase is sure to help players, coaches and parents prep for the upcoming season.

Registration will be available Monday, February 20th. 

Questions?  Please contact us at or call Merilee Crow at 913-526-4643

     Information about the KC High School Soccer Showcase

 The KC HS Soccer Showcase provides HS players, coaches and parents: 

  • Is for High School coaches, players & teams only to prep for the upcoming season.

  • Serve as the culmination of summer HS team training or team camp.

  • An opportunity for new & returning players, coaches & parents to acclimate.

  • Players & teams can display their ability & validate offseason prep in 11 v 11 matches.

  • Helps younger/talented players adapt & adjust to the speed of play in high school.  

  • Increase players’ self-confidence, familiarity & minimize pre-season/tryout anxiety.

  • Coaches can assess the player and team development after summer camp/contact.

  • Gives players, coaches, and teams a competitive edge knowing more about themselves after playing three competitive, yet friendly matches.

  • Coaches can employ & assess different systems of play to fit team personnel. 

  • Coaches can integrate & observe incoming & returning players together.

  • Helps coaches gauge the technical, tactical, mental/emotional & fitness levels of the team.

  • Can promote team chemistry, camaraderie and serve as a team-building experience.

  • Helps build trust, confidence & communication to develop coach/player rapport.

  • Players, coaches, and teams will gain a sense of identity for potential playing styles.

  • Players will gain exposure from college coaches that will be attending the event. 

  • Help players, parents & coaches have a more productive & positive HS experience.

  • *The HS showcase is not intended to serve as a tryout. It can serve as contact days that focus on the process of development & team building rather than results.  

The KC HS Soccer Showcase registration is for HS TEAMS only.
(Individual player registrations not accepted)

High School Coaches or Contacts will register the teams. 


        We will have both Boys & Girls Divisions   


        Teams will be grouped in classes based on the size of schools 


COST:  $75.00 per player to include:

  • 3 games guaranteed

  • All games played at the State of the Art Training Facility on turf fields

  • Wicking shirts provided by us to be worn in games 

  • Officials

  • Contact information provided to College Coaches

  • Insurance



*  We will provide soccer balls, but each team will need to provide 2 ball runners.​

2 sets of matching Shorts (teams must be uniform) to be worn with the                   shirt we provide. 

*  Per MSHSAA and other State Activities Associations, please do not use your            high school uniforms or equipment.



Please send an email to  or provide a verbal commitment to participate to 913-526-4643 or 816-392-5158 by May 1st, 2023



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Compass Minerals Sporting Fields requirements

The yellow areas are the spectator sidelines.

The red lines are where teams will sit.

Teams v Spectators Map.jpg



Director-Chris Lawson: 816-392-5158
Asst. Director-Merilee Crow: 913-526-4643

Success! Message received.

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